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JSON Toolkit

A highly optimized .NET library for parsing, reading and writing Json objects.

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JSON Toolkit utilizes optimized algorithms for handling JSON objects, it is much faster than other similar .NET libraries.

Time to parse JSON strings
Time to parse samples of JSON string 5000 times. Smaller values are better.

For details of the performance test, see this blog post.

It's easy to use

Unlike other JSON libraries in .NET, JSON Toolkit is designed to be very easy to use with minimal code. Besides LINQ and Intellisense support, you can also use anonymous types to initialize objects in a cool way:

var jo = new JsonObject( new {
    Id = 12345,
    Name = "Hello World",
    IsAdmin = false,
    ProfilePic = new JsonObject( new {
        Url = "/12345/image",
        Height = 50
        Width = 50

It's supported everywhere

Designed and compiled as a .NET Portable Library, you may use JSON Toolkit to handle JSON objects in any .NET applications:

  • .NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5
  • Silverlight 4+
  • Windows Phone 7, 8
  • Xbox