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Version 5.0 (20 Jul 2013)

  • new LINQ to FQL
  • Simplified usage
  • Updated to Facebook's latest API
  • Performance improvement

Version 4.0 (11 Jul 2012)

  • Facebook Page management on behalf of admins
  • New authorization model for both ASP.NET webforms and MVC
  • Supports Silverlight 4, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8
  • More built-in Graph Api objects and connections
  • Better support for custom API calls
  • Async methods for all POST and DELETE commands
  • Available on NuGet
  • Ships with JSON Toolkit 4.0 offering blazingly fast JSON parsing

Version 3.1 (7 May 2012)

  • ships with JSON Toolkit v3.1 with additional performance improvements
  • fixed bug when posting messages containing Unicode characters
  • fixed bug when posting link attachments with "&" characters in the address
  • fixed incorrect IsAuthorized property of CanvasPage
  • new method for obtaining granted permissions directly using Api.GetGrantedPermissions()
  • improved error handling when Facebook returns "403 forbidden"
  • added new user relationships

Version 3.0 (14 Mar 2012)

  • ships with JSON Toolkit v3.0, offering parse speed up to 10 times of last version
  • supports Facebook's new auth dialog
  • supports new extend access token endpoint
  • new example Page Tab app
  • filter Graph Api connections using dates
  • fixed bugs in Page Tab apps

Version 2.6

  • Fixed incorrect value when parsing Int64 integers in JSON object and arrays
  • Fixed OAuth error when using SocialPage on aspx pages with query string
  • Fixed spelling error of "RequiedLoginException" to "RequiredLoginException"
  • Added BookmarkOrder attribute to user's groups
  • Added Comment connection to Albums
  • New JSON Toolkit with extended features
  • Simplified internal codes in ApiCaller
  • Removed caching configuration

Version 2.5

  • Notification Management
  • Support for reading user check-ins
  • FQL Multi-query support
  • More flexible access to GraphApi objects by directly accessing its Json object behind
  • Additional properties of GraphApi objects that are not documented by Facebook are included
  • Non-public groups can now be accessed
  • Access members of a group
  • Access comments of posts and photos directly
  • JsonArray and JsonObject now supports LINQ; implements ICollection and IDictionary<string,object> respectively
  • Bug fixed: incorrect message posted to Facebook when the message contains special characters (e.g. '&' )
  • Bug fixed: incorrect user relationship
  • Bug fixed: unable to get recepients in Post objects
  • Bug fixed: null reference exception in some GraphApi connections when no data is returned from Facebook
  • Bug fixed: characters missing in Json objects
  • Bug fixed: error when reading specific Json objects
  • Bug fixed: escape characters missing in Json arrays

Version 2.1 (7 Sep 2011)

  • Create note method
  • Library updated for Facebook's new encrypted Access Token

Version 2.0 beta (30 Jun 2011)

  • TabPage now supports authorization
  • New method to check whether an Access Token is valid
  • New methods to redirect the user to Facebook authorization in CanvasPage and TagPage

  • AppRequest handling and tracking
  • New Dialogs: Send Dialog and Add Friend Dialog
  • Bug fixed: double quotation causing error in GetFeedDialogUrl method
  • Dialog methods support both FullPage and Popup display types

  • New properties are added to User object
  • New AppReview object
  • Paging has been implemented in GetFeed, GetPost, GetAlbum and GetPhoto methods
  • Properties of Graph Api objects are renamed so they make more sense
  • All Graph Api object connections are now static methods

Version 1.5 (18 May 2011)

  • Specify Facebook Application Configuration in web.config or in page directly
  • Create, manage and delete Test Users using API
  • Publish a photo to a specific album
  • Bug fix on obtaining User ID from Access Token

Version 1.3 (11 Apr 2011)

  • Specify Action parameter when posting feeds
  • Server-side simple to use CommentBox control
  • Design-time support for LikeBox and CommentBox control
  • Ability to clear Facebook Graph Toolkit's cache
  • fixed bug: endless redirect loop when CheckExtendedPermissions is set to true and caching is enabled at the same time

Version 1.2 (24 Mar 2011)

  • Events Api for creating and rsvp events
  • integration with external websites besides canvas apps
  • fixed bug: unicode characters when publishing feeds
  • JSON Toolkit update: access properties both by indexes and keys

Version 1.1 (8 Mar 2011)

  • new Dialog class for redirecting users to Facebook dialogs
  • new Async publishing methods
  • new Check for Extended Permissions option
  • fixed bug: inappropiate condition of redirecting to login in Api class
  • fixed bug: IframeRedirect method not working

Version 1.0 (28 Feb 2011)

  • added FQL support
  • added Expires property to Api object
  • added support for publishing to a user's friend / Facebook Page
  • added support for posting and removing comments on posts
  • added support for adding and removing likes on posts and comments
  • added static methods for Page class
  • added support for Iframe Application Tab of Facebook Page
  • added support for obtaining the user's country, locale and age in Iframe Applications
  • publish methods now returns post id / comment id
  • new error handling provides detailed Graph Api errors from Facebook
  • moved settings to dedicated ConfigSection in web.config
  • new settings to fine-tune for best performance
  • internal code path updates
  • removed MasterPage support

Version 0.8 (15 Feb 2011)

  • moved to Beta stage
  • publish photo feature
  • "email" field of User object added
  • new Graph Api object: Group, Event
  • new Graph Api connection: likes, groups, events

Version 0.7 (2 Feb 2011)

  • new Facebook Graph objects: Link, Note, StatusMessage
  • new publish features: status update, post with link attachment
  • new Graph Api connections in User object: statuses, links, notes
  • internal code path improvement on Api object
  • bug fixed: extra "r" character appears for strings with "\r" symbols in Json Objects
  • bug fixed: error when performing Postback to the same page

Version 0.6 (24 Jan 2011)

  • new Facebook Graph objects: Application, Page, Post, Comment
  • Improved Intellisense documentation
  • new Graph Api connections: albums, photos, posts, feed, home, friends
  • JSON Toolkit upgraded to version 0.9 (beta release) with bug fixes and new features
  • bug fixed: error when handling empty JSON arrays
  • bug fixed: error when handling JSON array with "[", "{", "]" or "}" characters in the message
  • bug fixed: error when handling JSON obejcts with double quotation in the message
  • bug fixed: error of count property on posts with no likes, posts with no comments, and albums with no photos

Version 0.5 (22 Jan 2011)

  • Photo Facebook Graph object support
  • MasterPage support
  • JSON Toolkit updated to version 0.4 (double values support)
  • Documentation (Intellisense) support

Version 0.4 (17 Jan 2011)

  • OAuth 2.0 Authorization
  • User Facebook Graph object support
  • Album Facebook Graph object support
  • JSON Toolkit updated for boolean values support

Version 0.3 (15 Dec 2010)

  • RSS feature support

Version 0.2 (13 Dec 2010)

  • Server-side styles to Like Box Control
  • Caching in Like Box Control for performance