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Standardized CSV management in .NET

There are a variety of CSV standards and libraries for virtually every programming platform, and .NET is no exception. CSV Toolkit, however, implements the RFC 4180 standard for compatibility across Unix and Windows systems and Unicode characters support. CSV Toolkit also provides a variety of format options while keeping the developer codes to a minimum.

  • Standardized CSV format following RFC 4180
  • Unix and Windows compatible
  • Unicode and escaped characters support
  • Serialization / deserialization to any .NET class

Convert between strongly typed instances in just one line

// deserialize
var cars = Serialization.Deserialize<Car>("csvString", new StandardDeserializer());

// serialize
var csvString = Serialization.Serialize(cars));

//handle an unknown column configuration at runtime
var table = new CsvTable("csvString");

Properly handles escaped characters

var messages = new[] { new Message { Sender = "user", Text = "Hey, how are you?" } };
var s = Serialization.Serialize(messages);
var table = new CsvTable(s, true);
Console.WriteLine(table[0, "Text"]); // hey, how are you?