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FAQ: Automatically recognize Facebook users on website?

Posted on 4/8/2011

Several days ago I received an email asking if whether it is possible to automatically recognize Facebook users visiting their website. When the page inherit the SocialPage class and setting RequireLogin to true, users are forced to login Facebook and authorize the site. When RequireLogin is set to false, the Api object is always null. So what he wanted to do is, make the page accessible by anyone, but render something special for Facebook users. My answer is: no this is not possible, but ...

Bug fixes update

Posted on 3/31/2011

The 1.2.4107 updates fixes 3 bugs as reported by developers: Api objects of different users share the same memory location "expires" property not found in when using "offline_access" permission in SocialPage class "Cannot find POST data" when performing page postbacks in TabPage class You can download the library at CodePlex. Thank you for reporting bugs on our Facebook Page and CodePlex.

1.2.4101 update to Graph Toolkit & Sample site

Posted on 3/25/2011

This updates addresses the problem of Web Configuration error found in the version released days ago (1.2.4100). The update is downloadable at CodePlex. For those of you who downloaded the 1.2 version release on or before 25 March, please re-download the library again. You can check your library version by right-clicking on the dll file then go to the details tab. Site Integration Developer App Settings Forgot to mention this in the previous blog post. When integrating your website with ...

Graph Toolkit Update: Events Api, Site Integration

Posted on 3/24/2011

This update implements some new features, namely the events api and site integration. There also fixes to bugs previously reported by developers on our Facebook Page. Events Api You can create events or rsvp events for users in this update. Remember you need create_event and rsvp_event permissions. Example Facebook_Graph_Toolkit.GraphApi.Api _Api = new Api("xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"); string EventID = _Api.CreateEvent("My Event", "Nowhere", new DateTime(2011, 1, 1), new DateTime(2012, ...

ASP.NET: "Remember Me" not working in IE 7 & 8

Posted on 3/21/2011

This is not related to Facebook Apps, but generic ASP.NET development. Last week I stumbled across a problem in ASP.NET: In the Login control, the "Remember Me" option was not working in IE 7 & 8. It is working in IE 9, Firefox and other browsers. I was curious why this is happening, because I copied and pasted almost the exact same code from another web application I developed earlier. At that time there was no IE 9, so I was sure it worked in IE 8. It was soon determined that it was not a ...

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