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Heads up! Facebook Roadblock up ahead!

Posted on 5/31/2011

If you're on the way of developing or already having Facebook Applications, a roadblock may be the best description of Facebook's latest change in its platfom policy. Facebook has announced last Friday that all Graph Api requests accessing {ProfileID}/{Feed} or {ProfileID}/{Posts} must provide an AccessToken. The changes apply to Applications, Groups, Pages and Users. The problem is, this new policy is meant to be in place on 3rd June, only one week after its announcement. Facebook also ...

Graph Toolkit Update, Follow on Twitter, App Showcases and Wand

Posted on 5/19/2011

I know it has been quiet on the site for the past few weeks, but behind the scene it's not. Last week I've been busy moving the site and its DNS to a new hosting. Not only do I have to move the site you see now, but I also have to move the database and other things behind that power my Facebook Applications, so there was quite a lot of work. Anyway, I have a lot of exciting news to announce to you. Firstly is the Graph Toolkit update to version 1.5, and I'm also releasing the second library on ...

OAuth 2.0 & HTTPS: What does this mean?

Posted on 5/12/2011

I saw a question on the Facebook Page asking about the how the new Facebook development platform policies affect developers. For those of you who do not know, Facebook has made the following announcements: 1. By September 1 2011, all Facebook apps must use OAuth 2.0 to authorize users. 2. By October 1 2011, all Facebook Canvas apps must obtain SSL certificate. Users will connect to the apps via HTTPS connection instead of HTTP connection. What do these changes mean to developers using Facebook ...

FQL tip: AlbumID≠[aid], Facebook App Showcase

Posted on 4/24/2011

I always like using FQL instead of the Graph Api whenever possible. There are two main reasons for this. First of all FQL is much faster because I only select the fields I need. Secondly, there number of items returned is not limitted by default. Although it is possible to do these in the Graph Api, it is impractical to build these options into every api call in the library. However Facebook has weird integration between FQL and Graph Api. For example, if you want to query info about a photo ...

Facebook Graph Toolkit 1.3 Update

Posted on 4/11/2011

New features / fixes in this update: Specify Action parameter when posting feeds Server-side simple to use CommentBox control Design-time support for LikeBox and CommentBox control Ability to clear Facebook Graph Toolkit's cache fixed bug: endless redirect loop when CheckExtendedPermissions is set to true and caching is enabled at the same time Action parameter in posts As requested by developers, it is now possible to specify the action parameter in the PostFeed methods. ...

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