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Test Users Manager

Posted on 9/16/2011

Here's a quick tip of how to view all the test users in your application. This can be achieved simply by using a Repater control. TestUserManager TUM = new TestUserManager(AppManager.GetAppAccessToken(), "AppID"); IList<TestUser> TUs = TUM.GetTestUsers(); Repeater1.DataSource = TUs; Repeater1.DataBind(); <asp:Repeater runat="server" ID="Repeater1">     <HeaderTemplate><table style="table-layout:fixed; border:1px solid #000" cellspacing="0">     ...

Facebook Graph Toolkit 2.1 update

Posted on 9/7/2011

This update adds two new features to the Facebook Graph Toolkit: the ability to create a Facebook Note through the Graph Api and the ability to handle Facebook's new encrypted Access Token. New Encrypted Access Token The library has been updated to support Facebook's new Access Token format, which is a so called "encrypted" format. In this format, it is impossible to extract the Facebook User's ID from the Access Token. Therefore, the property Api.UserID has been removed. In Canvas Apps ...

How to fix "Index was outside the bounds of the array."

Posted on 9/4/2011

I'm recently becoming aware of a problem reported by developers: "Index was outside the bounds of the array" . This error is caused by Facebook's sudden change in the format of the Access Token. The new change appears to affect new apps only at the moment, but one can never predict Facebook's next move on the platform. The temporary solution at this moment is to turn of something called "OAuth 2.0 migration" (thanks Verat Yuthavong for providing the solution in the discussion board). ...

New site integration example

Posted on 8/19/2011

The example of integrating Facebook into an external ASP.NET website has just been updated to Facebook Graph Toolkit 2.0 beta. The example can be viewed at , and can be downloaded at the Downloads page. FAQ 1. Is it possible to do this without redirecting the user to Facebook? No. The short explanation is, because ASP.NET is a server-side script. The long explanation is, it's impossible for the ASP.NET server to acquire the user's Facebook information when ...

Updated sample code and support the site

Posted on 8/4/2011

The iframe sample app located at the Downloads page has just been updated to reflect the change in Facebook Graph Toolkit 2.0 beta. If you enjoy the work I've shared with all of you, please consider making a Paypal donation either at the Donate page or directly to . Without your support it is very difficult to keep the site running. Thank you.

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