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Debug Facebook Applications in Visual Studio using SSL

Posted on 6/28/2012

Recently Facebook modified their app platform again and this time requires all applications to have SSL connection, even for applications under Sandbox mode. This move of course throws many developers (including myself) into frustration because this means Facebook Applications are now harder to develop. I've put together a series of steps that hopefully will help developers setup SSL quickly on their local machine. Step 1: Use IIS Express Install IIS Express on the development machine if it ...

JSON Toolkit 4.0

Posted on 6/19/2012

JSON Toolkit 4.0 further improves the performance of JSON Toolkit and supports more platforms like Windows Phone and Windows 8. Up to 2.5x performance improvement in stringify operations Up to 1.7x performance improvement in parse operations Improved error messages when parsing invalid JSON strings Extended support to .Net 2.0, .Net 3.5, .Net 4.0, Silverlight 4, Windows Phone, Windows 8 metro apps and Xbox Available at NuGet JSON namespace changed to ComputerBeacon.Json namespace You may ...

FGT Update v3.1

Posted on 5/6/2012

This update fixes a few bugs and adds a few features reported / suggested by developers: New user relationships are added, suggested by Tony Gravagno Incorrect url when posting link attachments with urls that contain the '&' character, reported by Roberto Minoia Incorrect IsAuthorized property, also reported by Roberto Minoia GetGrantedPermissions() is now available on the Api class directly, not restricted to CanvasPage and TabPage class, suggested by Easton Harvey Other updates include ...

Further optimizations in JSON Toolkit v3.1 update

Posted on 3/28/2012

About a month ago I released JSON Toolkit v3.0 which boosted the parsing speed up to 10x times. Today I just released v3.1 update which brings further performance improvement to the parsing operation. This time the speed-up is not that big though, about 5% to 10% (-: Sample Data v3.1 v3.0 Speed-up Serialized Java servlet 3700 ms 3943 ms 6.56% Bing Api search response 1188 ms 1251 ms 5.27% Facebook Graph object 567 ms 618 ms 8.85% A new JsonException class has been added to better distinguish ...

How to write a Facebook Page Tab app in 10 minutes

Posted on 3/19/2012

In this article I'll show how simple it is to write a Facebook app for Page Tabs using Facebook Graph Toolkit (-: First thing first go to and create a new app. Copy the AppID and Secret to web.config: <configuration>     <configSections>         <section name="FacebookGraphToolkitConfiguration" type="Facebook_Graph_Toolkit.FacebookGraphToolkitConfiguration"/>     </configSections>     <system.web>         <compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.0" />     ...

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