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JSON Toolkit 4.1 update

Posted on 7/2/2013

It has been over a year since I last updated the libraries here. Well, this update brings the following features: Improved stringify performance New anonymous type support in constructors New serialization support It was fast, it is now even faster The graph below illustrates the performance difference between JSON Toolkit, Json.Net and JavaScriptSerializer. Time(ms) to stringify JSON objects from memory 2000 times. Smaller values are better. Test 1 is serialization of a JsonObject obtained at ...

Visual Studio 2010 icons and theme in VS 2012!

Posted on 9/7/2012

Visual Studio 2012 has just been released for about 3 weeks. I have been using VS 2012 for the past few months since it's the only IDE that can be used to create Windows 8 apps. Those who have used VS 2012 must agree that it has the worst user interface designed - the gray and dull design makes the eyes tired after 5 minutes. Worst of all, all the colors of the icons are taken away, leaving plain colors which makes identifying buttons much more difficult. I've seen numerous posts complaining ...

Facebook Graph Toolkit 4.0 (part 3)

Posted on 8/13/2012

Greetings! I can't believe it has been nearly a month since my last blog post, time flies when you're busy. I've seen some questions on the Facebook Page, on the blog and via email for the past few weeks, I wish this post will clarify those questions and make FGT easier to use. Desktop app example I've just uploaded a WPF example to CodePlex: . Most of the UI stuff are taken away to simplify the code. A few notes about desktop apps: Reference the ...

Facebook Graph Toolkit 4.0 (part 2)

Posted on 7/17/2012

Today I'll talk about the classes under ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Publish namespace. These classes implement methods that send POST or DELETE requests to Facebook, e.g. creating a post on a user's wall, uploading photos, liking an object etc. All classes share the same featuers: The constructors specify parameters that are necessary for the request Some classes, e.g. the CreatePostRequest class, contains additional fields. These fields can be used to specify optional parameters of the request. To ...

Facebook Graph Toolkit 4.0 (part 1)

Posted on 7/11/2012

A few of you have been asking me "when will FGT 4.0 be released". Well, today I'm glad to tell you here it is! FGT 4.0 brings more flexibility to the library by extending the authorization model to ASP.NET MVC, more flexibility to make custom API calls to Facebook, and compatible with other platforms such as Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. Here's a list of new featuers in this release: Facebook Page management on behalf of admins New authorization model for both ASP.NET webforms ...

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