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JSON Toolkit 1.2 Update

Posted on 3/18/2011

This update addresses the problem experienced by me and some users when trying to parse FQL queries that involve large User IDs. The problem arises because Facebook treats IDs as string in the Graph Api, but as numbers in FQL queries. Some user ids cannot be represented by in Int32 and thus an error occurs. The updates addresses the problem by dynamically switing to Int64 when necessary. I recommend converting all IDs to string variables when dealing with them, since the number makes no sense ...

3 weekend tips for writing better Facebook Applications

Posted on 3/12/2011

Here are a few tips that will help you write better Facebook Applications with Facebook Graph Toolkit: Response.Redirect and Api Caching In a previous post I stated that you should use IframeRedirect instead of Response.Redirect to avoid the tricky problem posted by the iframe tag. While IframeRedirect ensures you always have the POST data from Facebook, it has a performance hit. Everytime you call IframeRedirect, the entire page in the browser - including your webpage and the Facebook frame - ...

Updating to 1.1: Facebook Dialogs, Async methods and more

Posted on 3/8/2011

The new Facebook Graph Toolkit 1.1 release had shipped some new features as well as bug fixes. Here is an overview: Facebook Dialogs The methods in the Dialog class allows you to easily generate urls to redirect the user to use the Facebook dialogs. For example, I have a link in an application which says "invite": <a runat="server" id="a_InviteLink" target="_top">Invite</a> The link can be obtained by calling the GetAppRequestUrl method of the Dialog class: a_InviteLink.HRef = ...

Tips for iframe development & sample app

Posted on 3/4/2011

Sample App The iframe sample app had been updated to work with Facebook Graph Toolkit instead of Developer Toolkit. You can download the sample app at . Tips for iframe development In iframe applications, Facebook POST data to the ASPX page. This data contains information such as the current user id and access token, and is essential to Facebook Applications developed in any language (not just ASP.NET). Here are some tips for iframe links: 1. Hyperlinks ...

Announcing Facebook Graph Toolkit 1.0

Posted on 2/28/2011

Today I'm glad to announce the release of Facebook Graph Toolkit 1.0. The library has moved to stable release, with plenty of new features. Here's a quick overview of the changes in 1.0: added FQL support added Expires property to Api object added support for publishing to a user's friend / Facebook Page added support for posting and removing comments on posts added support for adding and removing likes on posts and comments added static methods for Page class added support for Iframe ...

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