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Facebook Graph Toolkit 5.0

Posted on 7/20/2013

The last release, FGT 4.0, was exactly a year ago. I am pretty proud that the library was stable and did not require any update for such a long period of time. Starting today, the new FGT 5.0 is the available for download. Completely redesigned from the ground up, FGT 5.0 makes it easier than ever to implement Facebook's API in .NET!

A strongly typed Facebook API for .NET

What makes a good programming library? It is the ability to do more with less code. It makes your program clearn, easier to debug, and more importantly, saves you time. FGT 5.0 contains more than 40 classes that provide strongly typed access to most of the objects you'll use in Facebook.

For example, to access the current user's info, simply code:

var u = new ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Graph.User("me", "{access_token}");

That's it! There you have a strongly typed User class with all the properties waiting for you.

Strongly typed intellisense


FGT is the only library that supports LINQ to FQL, allowing you to query Facebook objects easily:

var fql = new ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Fql.FqlContext("access_token");
var query = from a in fql.album
            where a.owner ==

Easily extend to new Facebook endpoints

You can always extend FGT beyond the pre-defined endpoints by calling Api.Get() and Api.Post() methods directly:

var query = new Dictionary<string,string>();
query["access_token"] = "access_token";
query["limit"] = "5";

var jo = ComputerBeacon.Facebook.Api.Get("me", query);

//access the results using the returned JsonObject
string name = (string)jo["name"];
int timezone = (int)jo["timezone"];


You can download FGT 5.0 at or install via nuget:

PM> Install-Package ComputerBeacon.Facebook


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Really Great Lib. simplifies a lot of things. However I am bumped trying to figure out how to request extended permissions using this Lib, Any ideas how one would do that. I need this quite urgently

by Peter on 2/12/2014

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